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The law, which proponents and critics alike said was the broadest and strictest immigration measure in generations, would make the failure to carry immigration documents a crime and give the police broad power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. Opponents have called it an open invitation for harassment and discrimination against Hispanics regardless of their citizenship status.

Read more about it in the New York Times.

The FT interviewed people protesting against the new law in Phoenix

“It’s discriminating against an entire community,” said Robert Dias, who joined the Phoenix demonstration in front of the capitol building. “The police will be able to detain anyone based on the colour of their skin.” Nely Aguilar, who was attending the protest with her children – all of whom were born in the US – said she feared persecution by the police. “If you look brown they will stop you,” she said.

Posted 24 Apr 2010 in Blog

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