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In The Times‘ Christmas review of books about money, Oliver Kamm writes: The Times recommends Aftershock: “The crash of 2007-09 did not turn into a reprise of the 1930s mainly because policymakers had learnt from the mistakes of that era. They rescued the banks, slashed interest rates, and injected money into the economy to support […]

Posted 27 Nov 2010 in Aftershock, Blog, The Times
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The Times, 16 June 2010. Adopting Churchill’s plan would benefit wealth creators at the expense of the idle rich

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This article appeared in The Times on 16 June 2010. Filling the gaping hole in the Government’s finances is, in George Osborne’s words, the “great national challenge of our generation”. Unwise spending cuts and tax rises could sap economic growth; unfair ones provoke political unrest; inaction a market panic. Faced with a national crisis, who […]

Posted 17 Jun 2010 in Blog, Britain, Land, Property, Public finances, The Times
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The Times asked a number of people, including me, whether Britain is full.  The country's supposed overpopulation is now the argument of choice for opponents of immigration, many of whose real objection to having more foreigners around is cultural.  After all, Manhattan, Paris and Kensington & Chelsea are the most densely populated areas of the […]

Posted 17 Feb 2010 in Blog, Britain, Immigration, Population, The Times
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The Times, 26 October 2006. The policy restricting Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants is confused and unworkable

Posted 26 Oct 2006 in Britain, Immigration, Published articles, The Times
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The Cancún debacle brings us closer to a devastating US-China trade war

Posted 03 Sep 2003 in Published articles, The Times, Trade