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By Philippe Legrain 3 COMMENTS

I debated immigration with Labour MP Frank Field on the Today programme (16 January). Unfortunately, the discussion got bogged down in statistics so I didn’t have time to discuss the broader issues. Listen here

Posted 17 Jan 2007 in Blog, Media
  1. Sead Osmanovic says:

    Dear Mr. Legrain,
    Maybe I can be unusual to write you in this way but I think this can be useful for both of us.
    Our professor from Wien Economic Insitute during his lectures told are that only few liberal economist remain today in Europe, but
    I am always buying London Economist, and as a read one text I came to your name. Then with Google I found your website. I read some of your texts and I said to myself `O great I find one people really believe in liberal ideas`. I have a lot of contact with people from EU, because, now we are in the preacesion period for EU, but economic ideas of EU are based in socialist principles.
    My name is Sead Osmanovic and I work in Securities and Exchange Commission of Montenegro, but I usually want to say myself ` I am a student of postgraduate studies Enterprenurial Economy`. For saying this have a reason because I belong to net that is called Montenegrin school of Economics. Principles of our studies are based in Smithian and Hayek learning. We are fighting for liberalism!
    Dean of our Postgraduate studies is Professor Veselin Vukotic Ph.D. who is member of Mont Pelerin Society (I think that you have heard for this society). Mr. Vukotic is in a head of privatization process, creator of our capital market and creator of economic system in Montenegro. I always speak with a great respect for him, because the merit for economic reform in Montenegro belongs to him. I won`t go further because it is risky not to be boring, but I recommend you to visit site of out postgraduate studies and you will read a lot about us.
    We have a great result in these sectors. I am working in capital market. Every day we have new investors, new brokerage housed, new investment fund. Other countries in Balkan treat us as a Mediteran wonder. We made a comparison and we came to the conclusion: If somebody has invested only 1 EURO in capital market in 2002, today he has 218 EURO.
    I think that you will find interesting communication with me and posibly coming here. Sorry maybe my English is not so perfect, but I hope that you will understandme
    I look forward hearing from you
    With respect,
    Sead Osmanovic
    Republic of Montenegro
    Securities and Exchange Commission
    Address Novaka Miloseva bb Podgorica
    Tel ++381 81 231 525
    Fax ++ 381 81 231 525

  2. Peter Barker says:

    I have just your piece on todays BBC radio with Sir Andrew Greene. The problem with you and other so-called “economic experts” is that they have absolutely no common sense. You apparently do not believe in immigration controls which is extraordinary in a world with over 6 billion people. The population of the south east of England comprising 8 counties is 8 million plus and rising which is twice the entire size of New Zealand’s population. Yet the land mass of those 8 counties represents approx 10% of the land mass of New Zealand. These are the plain facts. The UK is facing social melt-down and chaos and will in the event of economic recession and unemploymeny certainly degenerate into widespread civil unrest. As someone who has spent 30 years at the Home Office dealing with immigration control matters I suspect I know rather more than you do about such matters. You should get out more and see what is really happening here. People like you are a menace. If I sound as though I am bloody angry it is because I am yes – really bloody angry. You Sir are a pillock. Regards Peter Barker

  3. reader says:

    What an idiotic comment from this disciple Osmanovic

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