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By Philippe Legrain 6 COMMENTS

I debated this with Andrew Green of MigrationWatch on Radio 4’s World at One programme on Thursday 27 March. Unfortunately, my contribution to the pre-recorded discussion was severely cut, so that many of the important points I made went unsaid, while Green was allowed to speak at length.

UPDATE: The BBC have very kindly published an extended version of the interview. Listen here

Posted 01 Apr 2008 in Blog, Media
  1. Geoff Kaessner says:

    I just finished listening to you speak at the Carnegie event. Wow! Thank you for putting economic theory into the agrument for open immigration.
    I am a business owner in the US and a practicing Buddhist (not that any of that really makes a difference but I figured that it would give you some context).
    I have felt that closed borders seems ridiculous and unnecessary. You can imagine that I generally need to keep my mouth shut when I am around other business people.
    Please keep up this campaign. I am off to purchase your book so that I can be better informed. I then might be willing to open my mouth and start campaigning myself.

  2. Stan Ogden says:

    I’m not sure that the ‘extended edition’ actually does Philippe any favours. In comparison to Andrew Green’s patrician, worldly and measured delivery, I’m afraid that the longer version merely casts an even crueller spotlight on Philippe’s limitations when attempting to operate at this level. The strident manner in which he attempts to shout down his adversary and (unsuccessfully) bully the moderator brings to mind more than anything similar performances by militant student Trots on their debating training wheels in the heady days of the early 1970s.
    My advice to Phil would be to revert to the original version as soon as that can be arranged.

  3. Lurker says:

    “Unfortunately, my contribution to the pre-recorded discussion was severely cut, so that many of the important points I made went unsaid, while Green was allowed to speak at length.”
    Yes, of course, because as we all know the BBC is a nest of right wingers only too willing to shoot down the truth tellers from the liberal left pro-immigration lobby.
    Oh how you yearn to get your message out. Struggling to reach the ears of politicians, bureaucrats and the gatekeepers of the MSM, why wont they listen to you!?

  4. Lurker says:

    Geoff – Im wondering how the impoverishment of people in the third world through globalization and destruction of Europeans in the first through globalization and immigration fits in with your Buddhist life?
    Ive tried to work out what your business consists of but info on the web seems a bit sparse.

  5. Das capital says:

    Good comments, Lurker et al, but it strikes me the Mr Legrain is only interested in hearing from you if you are going to pay him: ‘Contact(…) me about consultancy work, speaking at your event or appearing on your programme’. Loads of people have left comments here over the years, but Philppe’s hardly responded to any of them. Or maybe he’s just too busy :)

  6. James says:

    Listening to the two versions, it sounds like the BBC was trying to do Philippe a favour by editing out his attempts to drown out the other interviewee.
    But either way I’m sure he boosted his sales a little, so no harm done.

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