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By Philippe Legrain 2 COMMENTS

I spoke at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Friday, first off in a discussion with Paul Mason of BBC’s Newsnight, who has written an interesting book that draws parallels between the development of the international labour movement in the 19th century and the emergence of a global working class in the 21st century. It is called Live Working or Die Fighting: How the Working Class Went Global.

In the evening, I took part in a debate about immigration and multiculturalism with Bernard Crick, the author of the UK government’s "Britishness" test and Imran Ahmad, the author of Unimagined: A Muslim Boy Meets the West.

Posted 19 Aug 2007 in Blog
  1. Imran Ahmad says:

    It was a great event, Philippe. I was glad to finally get to meet you. I thought the debate was lively, with a lot of energy and engagement from the (packed) audience.
    Your signing queue was impressively long.
    Best regards,
    Imran Ahmad

  2. Graeme Kemp says:

    Well, I guess if English, Welsh and Irish immigration to Edinburgh is OK – then why not from other parts of the world?
    Scotland needs more immigrants!

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