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European Spring Full Cover

Britain and the rest of Europe are in a mess. Our economies are failing to deliver higher living standards for most people and many have lost faith in politicians’ ability to deliver a brighter future, with support for parties like UKIP soaring. Are stagnation, decline and disillusionment inevitable? Do people have to turn to the likes of UKIP for alternative solutions?

As a critically acclaimed author who was until recently a senior policymaker, Philippe Legrain has a unique combination of insider knowledge, intellectual authority and independent perspective that make him ideally placed to explain why things have gone wrong – and how to put them right. In this brilliantly original and passionate book, he explains why we need a European Spring: economic and political renewal.

“Philippe Legrain provides an original and insightful analysis of what has gone wrong with Europe’s economies and politics and a timely warning that the crisis ultimately threatens our open societies. Better still, he provides a blueprint for a brighter future and how to achieve it.” — George Soros

That is the blurb for my new book, which will be published on 24 April. Pre-order the Kindle edition in the UK now from It’s a snip at only £2.99

Order it in France from for €3.08

Order it in Spain from for €3.08

Order it in Germany from for €3.08

Order it in Italy from for €3.08

Order it in the US from for $4.73




Posted 25 Mar 2014 in Blog
  1. Patrick says:

    How do I order the book to Sweden?

  2. Philippe Legrain says:

    Hopefully you can order it from or Have you ever ordered from them before?

  3. There isn’t in ordinary book edition?

  4. Philippe Legrain says:

    Yes, there will be a paper edition too.

  5. Eric B. says:

    How can I order your book in Belgium? Amazon / Kindle does not work. I’d like to write an article for German media and on my blog… Best, Eric

  6. Paulo Maia says:

    Is the book going to be tanslated into portuguese?

  7. Philippe Legrain says:

    I hope so. A Portuguese publisher is in discussion with my agent.

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