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Gordon Brown’s reshuffle has certainly captured headlines. But what does it mean for the trade and immigration debates?

That Peter Mandelson jumped at the chance to leave his job as EU trade commissioner for a non-job as UK business secretary (which has been stripped of the energy and enterprise portfolios) provides further confirmation that the Doha round is dead.

Meanwhile, the appointment of Phil Woolas as immigration minister is ominous. He told the Guardian that he might ape the Tories and bring in an annual cap on migrants entering Britain.

"We must not pander to racists," he said – of course not, perish the thought – "but it is
particularly important that we have a credible policy on population
that can reassure people."

What do you think he means? A one-child policy? Leaving the EU? Or even tighter curbs on Africans and Asians coming to Britain?

Posted 06 Oct 2008 in Blog

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