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It’s Book of the Day in today’s Irish Times. Jim O’Leary, a senior fellow of the department of economics, finance and accounting at NUI Maynooth, concludes that:

This is a book that is big in its breadth of content and vision, and refreshingly hopeful about the possibility of harnessing globalisation to the betterment of all mankind.

Varun Chandra of Left Foot Forward reviews Aftershock in May’s edition of Progress.

Legrain’s occasionally radical proposals are sensible, provocative and intellectually sound.

He concludes that:

anyone who claims to have a view on the value or otherwise of globalisation, the need to punish bankers for causing the financial crisis, the problems of immigration, or indeed frankly anything to do with the global economy, simply must read these painstakingly crafted 395 pages. It is absolutely worth the effort.

The review isn’t available on Progress’s website, but you can read a scanned copy here.

In the Sunday Times, John Arlidge says that the prevailing gloom, epitomised by Nouriel Roubini, aka Dr Doom, makes Aftershock “all the more welcome”.

Legrain, a visiting research fellow at the LSE, has that rarest of qualities in these troubled times: he’s an optimist. With meticulous reporting and interviews from Iceland to Australia, he sets out a blueprint for a new economic world order… Reform the banks, resist protectionism, embrace immigration and develop green businesses and we might — just might — have a chance of proving Roubini wrong.

Tim Harford, the Undercover Economist, does a mini-review on his FT blog. He says:

It’s nicely reported (Legrain travels widely) and has the clarity and the self-confidence of an Economist editorial – sometimes a little unnerving from a named author.

He concludes:

There’s a huge amount of good sense, sharply conveyed here. If Legrain occasionally fails to tie up loose ends in his arguments, the compensation is that he can cover plenty of ground.

Overall: the book deserves to do well, and I think it will.

Thank you all.

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