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By Philippe Legrain 4 COMMENTS

I don’t have anything particularly insightful or sophisticated to say about the results of Australia’s election. I just want to celebrate John Howard’s defeat.

What fantastic news!

Let’s hope Labor delivers a fairer and more humane immigration policy that restores Australia’s tattered reputation and heals the wounds to the country’s vibrant multicultural society.

Posted 24 Nov 2007 in Blog
  1. mike says:

    Australia is a lucky country with a shitload of minerals. Multiculturalism has worked but it is still a fairly dull place. The Vietnamese food is excellent, though, and cheap. Once I got over going to the beach I had nothing to do. I live in Japan now, seven years, and I would hate to see it become multicultural, because its weirdness, which is part of its homogenous nature, I know there are Koreans, Chinese, Peruvian/Japanese and a few gaijin, make it interesting. I guess where I come down is that some places benefit from migration Australia, USA etc but other places should keep a homogenous culture because, quite selfishly, I find them interesting, and don’t want them to be messed about . I don’t want a boatload of brits living in Hanoi. Also I think Asian cultures generally, I know there are exceptions like troubled Malaysia, are completely opposed to the concept of multiculturalism. Phillppe, I respect what you have to say but in the end economics isn’t everything.

  2. Neither side understands global dynamics: The left wing thinks there are a fixed number of jobs while the right wing thinks that there are a fixed number of terrorists.

  3. Myriam Robin says:

    haha, i agree. hurrah to the end of howard. it’s so weird to see the australian pm saying stuff i actually agree with on the news for once…i just wish he’s stop speaking in rhetorical questions

  4. Oz says:

    “I don’t have anything particularly insightful or sophisticated to say”
    Thats better Phil, if you would just put that at the top of your site it would save a lot of bother.
    Your content free globalization cheerleading makes me sick.
    I don’t have anything particularly insightful or sophisticated to say, yet over and over youre invited to lecture think tanks, politicians etc. Perhaps that says more about their ‘values’ than it does about you.
    Bring back the White Australia policy!

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