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By Philippe Legrain 1 COMMENT

The case for open borders, the cover article in the new Forbes magazine.

Posted 13 Jun 2010 in Blog
  1. 1 – ‘Democracy is an artifact of (thus-far) intellectual development’ -a fact of biological and anthropological sciences.
    2 – Genetic imperative drives the life-form to ‘live as long as possible as a life-form’ -human in particular here -a same such fact.
    3 – Science (and mathematics), therefore, is ineluctably ‘stuck’ as the only agency of such doing -destined therein.
    4 – All ‘government and economics’, then, will inevitably come to be reconstituted about science-and-mathematics toward that heuristic end -Democracy included.
    Shouldn’t we be looking at this for what it means to the future of democracy?

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