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By Philippe Legrain 4 COMMENTS

I am busy writing my new book on the future of the world economy after the crisis. The blog will resume in October. Thanks

Posted 11 Aug 2009 in Blog
  1. Hoover says:

    Will it by any chance call for more immigration as a solution to all our ills?

  2. Kasia says:

    This month I am starting a Master program in Immigration Management at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and I have just borrowed “Immigrants: your country needs them” form the library. I have also browsed your web site and I wanted to say a big personal thank you for bringing some common sense into the polemics on migration. I wish there were more journalists and politicians with such an open mentality and such a thorough background as yours. Waiting for your next book.
    Chapeau bas

  3. Chris H says:

    I listened to you on ‘Iconoclasts’, The point were you touched on the racism issue is probably the kernel of the whole issue. White British don’t think other races are inferior, we just take it as read that they are. It’s not racism in the ‘rivers of blood’ sense, but a patronising ‘caring’ assumption that you are inferior. Like the way people treat there pets. I think the real reason people want entry to the UK to be so difficult, is the same reason people really want to get into restaurants with dress codes, the need to feel superior to others.

  4. Fiona Frank says:

    I thought your Iconoclast talk was great. Do you happen to have a summary of the points you made written somewhere (I’ve just ordered your 2 books but I wanted to post a link to the points you made to some friends who were interested…… thanks! Fiona Frank (doing a PhD about how Jewish culture has been transmitted through five generations of one Scottish Jewish family – and how teachers today could help to ensure that the culture of current immigrants is transmitted to THEIR great grandchildren)

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