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Fascinating piece in the New York Times

Posted 11 May 2010 in Blog
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Rather than appealing to Muslims as British citizens, with a variety of views and beliefs, politicians of all hues prefer to see them as people whose primary loyalty is to their faith and who can be engaged only by other Muslims. Should we be surprised then if, as a consequence, many Muslims come to see […]

Posted 31 Mar 2009 in Blog
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Joan Miró, one of my favourite artists, died on Christmas Day 25 years ago.

Posted 24 Dec 2008 in Blog
By Philippe Legrain 7 COMMENTS

"Listen man, I smoke, I snort … I’ve been begging on the street since I was just a baby. I’ve cleaned windshields at stoplights. I’ve polished shoes, I’ve robbed, I’ve killed. … I ain’t no kid, no way. I’m a real man."

Posted 09 May 2003 in Published articles