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By Philippe Legrain 3 COMMENTS

It is common knowledge that Google was co-founded by Sergey Brin, who arrived in the US as a refugee from the Soviet Union aged six. Perhaps less well-known is how important a contribution other immigrants have made to the iconic company of the internet age.

Immigrants from countries like Canada, Iran, and Switzerland now lead
our business operations, global marketing, global business development,
and data infrastructure operations

said Romanian-born Laszlo Bock, Google’s vice-president for people operations, in testimony to Congress, BusinessWeek reports.

Orkut Buyukkokten, a native of Turkey who received a PhD in computer science from Stanford University, joined Google as a software engineer on a temporary visa and later developed its social networking service, now known as

Krishna Bharat, originally from India and who earned a PhD in human computer interaction from Georgia Tech, joined Google in 1999 on an H-1B visa and was instrumental in creating Google News, an aggregation service.

Google, the company that epitomises America’s economic vitality in the 21st century, melds the world’s best talent with the US economy’s unique strengths.

Surely Congress doesn’t want the next Google to be founded overseas?

Posted 08 Jun 2007 in Blog
  1. stuart says:

    I don’t disagree with anything in this post, but surely a major problem with immigration restriction isn’t just that the next google will be founded elsewhere, but rather that some wont get founded at all and we’ll never know what we’re missing.

  2. Philippe Legrain says:

    You are absolutely right.

  3. eric jay says:

    i only agree with immigration if it is done legally. illegal immigration is not beneficial to no one and nobody. in large numbers it can destabilise a country. besides, you get nations within nations if it goes unchecked. look what has happened to france. why are the no go areas (some 750 of them) almost all immigrant populated? why is it that throughout Europe and even the US there is so much resentment against illegal immigration? Worse still these people often come posing as refugees when most of them (at least here in Europe) are economic migrants, an insult to refugees. Such cheats (and their traffickers) must be checked with heavy penalties. Allow legal migration by all means, and this will give an incentive to all and sundry if done justifiably. Sarkozy is trying to do that by having three year contracts with incentives to send money abroad and getting tax cuts. i would suggest giving just one three year period and giving others a chance so that Africa will perhaps see the light of the day. any talk of unrestricted migration is irresponsible.

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