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By Philippe Legrain 1 COMMENT

I appeared as a "witness" on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze last week. The topic was what to do about asylum seekers whose claims have been rejected, but are living in the UK destitute and without the right to work.

The four witnesses, starting with Kate Adie, who helped write a new
report on the issue by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, were quizzed by
a panel of Claire Fox, Steven Rose, Theodore Dalrymple and Michael
Portillo. I was the third witness, but unfortunately the panel failed
to ask me questions about the issue at hand, and instead jumped
erratically around the wider immigration, and in particular my belief
in open borders.

It was perhaps entertaining, but it failed to answer
the question. The real issue is that our border controls don’t work:
they don’t stop immigration, they make it costly and risky, and for
the most part drive it underground. Surely it would be better if we
legalised and regulated it instead? Listen here

Posted 14 Apr 2007 in Blog, Media
  1. david easton says:

    Your comments on the BBC radio news today, 18th April opposite Mr Conway show you up as a hectoring bully incapable of listening to a different point of view to your own extreme prejudices. Your reasoning is flawed in many respects as regards immigration and your arguments are risible, yet you weren’t ridiculed for them. Grow up and stop trying to be a media luvvy.

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