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By Philippe Legrain 1 COMMENT

Twenty years ago, the main goal of many migrant workers in city factories was to send money home to struggling village families. Now they see the factory as part of a personal project, a first step towards an urban life. Internet access has made them more worldly and since a labour law passed in 2008 they have a stronger sense of their rights.

Writes Geoff Dyer in the FT.

Modernisation has unleashed powerful forces – pride and confidence in China’s achievements but also high expectations about the life that can be lived. The signs of restlessness among young Chinese make for a less predictable political future.

Read the full article here.

Posted 09 Jul 2010 in Blog
  1. Scott says:

    Philippe, what you are doing is working to destroy America and our way of life. We simply cannot be overrun by immigrants and expect our standard of living to rise. While we can all be sympathetic towards the needs of immigrants that want a better life, what really needs to happen is (in this case) for Mexico and Central America to create free economic economies that enable people there to prosper so that they don’t have to make the sacrifice to come to the US illegally. The way to help is to help them help themselves, not help them be taken care of by American tax payers. We need to seal our borders, prevent birth right citizenship and focus on quality of immigrants over quantity. In this global economy, you need the best team and opening our doors to low skilled workers that take more from the system than they give is not the answer to continued American prosperity. Perhaps you don’t want that for America…continued prosperity that is.

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