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By Philippe Legrain 1 COMMENT

Why do governments make it so difficult for people to migrate temporarily?

Most don’t want to move permanently, yet in practice they are forced to choose between staying or leaving for good, as this article by a Nigerian health worker in the UK highlights

Posted 21 Sep 2010 in Blog
  1. Firstly migrants are those who move and stay. Itinerant labour as this person claims to want to be should be served by work permits.

    Those that are honest and only want to work for a period and not take other people’s nationality and make themselves at home in their land, should have a work permit, if they qualify as a needed skill, and there is no local person possible to fill the job. With the absolute certainty, like it or not, changed mind or not, they get thrown out after the work permit ends. No bringing in family, no marrying a local to bypass the work permit status, no children put into our schools, no retiring here, etc.

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