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By Philippe Legrain 7 COMMENTS

I’m incredibly delighted and proud to say that I’m going to become a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics’ European Institute as of 1 September. It is a leading international centre dedicated to studying Europe and its place in the world, an aim that intersects well with my work on globalisation and migration. And LSE, where I did both my undergraduate and graduate degrees, has always had a special place in my heart.

Posted 02 Jun 2007 in Blog
  1. Niels Andeweg says:


  2. Mariana says:

    Congratulations! All the best.

  3. D. Brittain says:

    Yeah, who’s paying you? Who are you working for? The Bilderbergers? The Zionists? The Rothschilds? The Rockefeller Foundation? Common Purpose? The LSE? The Fabian Society?
    The destruction of the soveriegn state is what you are all about. The EU is almost perfected. You tour the world promoting the NWO agenda of globalism and more immigration. The total destruction of Western society. You are a traitor!
    But of course you belong nowhere. You are not English. You are not French. You have no loyalty to anyone but your NWO masters.
    Also I wonder what dear old Polly Toynbee would say if you asked her what her Grandad Arnold Toynbee (Milner Group) was on about when he said “I will merely repeat that we are at present working, discreetly but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of our world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands….”

  4. W. Pitt says:

    Yes Philippe, the corporate class need all the immigrants we can get as they are cheap labor. I find it depressing yet unsurprising that we have so many people on the so called ‘left’ promoting an ideology that can only exasperate the rich/poor divide. It’s almost as if thinking for one’s self has now become a relic of the past as many prefer the intellectual fluff of the Monbiot or Toynebee.
    We know about the One World border abolition movement. It’s heavily documented all in the words of it’s own proponents and it’s nothing to do with breaking down barriers and bringing people together. Ha! Far from it. It’s an agenda promoted by extreme racists like Cecil Rhodes who’s idea of One World was expanding the British Empire across the entire globe.
    I know what you are thinking, ‘But it’s not like that it’s good globalism’ Yes! Just like the Soviet Union was a lovely place to live. Hell, even Hitler claimed to be working for the good guys.
    I don’t for a minute doubt your sincerity Philipe but I think you should think about who really benefits from the abolition of borders and ever increasing world government.

  5. JamesStGeorge says:

    Immigration is just a sneaky version of invasion. The sooner peoples wake up and fight off immigration as they would invasion the better for all. Don’t leave it too late. They are marching down all out streets already.
    All immigrants by definition are selfish and greedy, out to better themselves, not altruistic, or they would be staying where they belong and improving their own lands.

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