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By Philippe Legrain 1 COMMENT

The British government argues that the country needs to try to become more self-sufficient in food. I debated the issue with Peter Kendall, the head of the National Farmers Union, on BBC Newsnight.

Posted 11 Aug 2009 in Blog, Food and Drink, Globalisation, Media
  1. John Doe says:

    Densely populated therefore we shouldn’t produce food domestically, but not densely populated enough to leave in place immigration controls.
    IE, what you said on Radio 4 last night contradicts your stance in this debate. Which way round do you want it?
    I particularly enjoyed your wet climbdown when the the scent of lawyers entered the studio, after your unwarranted attack on the other chap.
    I despair of the department where I gained my MSc, if the EI now recruits inconsistent individuals such as yourself onto their staff.
    Also, rewatch this video yourself. Why are you smirking throughout? From a viewers perspective I formed immediate judgments regarding your smugness and how seriously you were taking the discussion.

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