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By Philippe Legrain 1 COMMENT

A special edition of Ethos journal published for the World Cities Summit in Singapore features an article by me on the importance of migration and diversity to cities’ future.

Posted 30 Jun 2008 in Blog
  1. Another promotional puff piece that fails to look at the downsides or answer any objections. Even used car salesmen answer objections, but Legrain can’t even rise to that level. Perhaps for the next article he can discuss the brain drain and whether it’s good policy to deprive countries of the bright people they need to grow. Only in the short-run is it in our interests.
    And, since I’ve asked it here once or twice without AFAIK an answer, perhaps Legrain would care to tell us exactly how, in his ideal world or something close to it, we in the U.S. would avoid giving foreign governments even more power inside our country than they already have.

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