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By Philippe Legrain 2 COMMENTS

I was interviewed bright and early on BBC Radio London’s Breakfast Show with Gaby Roslin and Paul Ross this morning about immigration and the election campaign. Listen to it here

Posted 04 May 2010 in Blog, Media
  1. Mo says:

    Of course it does.

  2. susan stein says:

    “Net immigration” is what exactly? If only there was a sense of history – recent – it would explain so much! Surely people from the EU are not technically “immigrants” as we are all part of (fortress) Europe – aren’t we? Also, again the the more traditional racism slips out: it’s immigrants from OUTSIDE the EU etc etc. There is “US” and the “outside.” How isolationist!
    Also, liked your point re overpopulation: the more the human kind, the more productive….Regards, Susan

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