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By Philippe Legrain 2 COMMENTS

Immigrants from Mali with fake residence permits have been discovered working at one of President Sarkozy’s official residences.

The company that hired the foreign builders, who have been working for
it since 2004, says it was unaware their IDs were fake.

guarding the residence of La Lanterne, where Cecilia Sarkozy plans to
live, recently realised the IDs were fake.

The Malian immigrants are
apparently to be deported, according to France 2 TV news.

They were good enough to do up the French
president’s house, it seems, but not good enough to be allowed to stay.

Posted 16 Jun 2007 in Blog
  1. Eric Jay says:

    Yes what you expect Sarkozy to do –give them red carpet treatment? they are illegal economic migrants, taking jobs from others, especially genuine refugees or legal migrants. Philippe just stop this pathetic rhetoric about illegal immigration, and let it be done in a regular manner so that all those who deserve to be migrants will get a chance to work and let us stop the opportunists from trying to get a foothold to jobs, rights freedoms and benefits that they may not even deserve in the first place.

  2. They live with fake documents, and have to answer for it. So, the decision is completly equitable.

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