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On liberalism:

A liberal basically believes that what you should be doing, every waking minute if you are in politics, is trying to release potential, create opportunity, remove barriers to social progress, liberate social mobility.

On Labour and the Tories:

Yes, Labour has “betrayed the progressive cause”, destroyed civil liberties and taken the country into Iraq, he says. But the Conservatives are guilty of “breathtaking cynicism and frankly arrogance”.

The Tories are fake, you can’t trust them. I mean how can you trust people who say they believe in dealing with poverty and then give tax breaks to millionaires? How can you believe people who say they care about the environment and then jump into bed with climate change [sceptics] in Europe? How can you believe they want new politics when they have been covering up for Lord Ashcroft?

The full interview in the Observer is here.

Posted 12 Apr 2010 in Blog

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