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By Philippe Legrain 2 COMMENTS

The Office of National Statistics forecasts that Britain’s population will reach 70 million by 2030, with half of the 10 million rise due to migration. If this forecast proves to be correct, is it a bad thing? I debated this on Channel 4 News:

Posted 24 Oct 2007 in Blog, Media
  1. ron johnson says:

    Frankly, you come across as an arse. Everything she said is relevant to the issue under discussion, and almost none of what you said. All you did is deflect questions and raise straw men. I hope you weren’t paid a fee for that. Did you go there to discuss whether it’s better to live in cities or in the countryside? No. Did you go there to discuss whether emigration to the UK was good for Bangladesh? No. Did you answer the question about what the optimum population might be? No. Did you say anything at all to address the problem of overcrowding? No, you just said there were economic benefits and the immigrants could look after the grannies and the kids. It’s not just about money and child-minding, you know.

  2. mike says:

    Dear Phil,
    You won that on points but you lost by tko on the radio. In the end, the greens will wear you down and win this arguement; unless you do more than counterpunch. They are much tougher opponents than the xenophobic right. You have to have a number regarding optimum population. They will keep coming at you with numbers and wear you down. We all love numbers Phil. They are persuasive.

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