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It goes without saying that George W. Bush is not loved in Europe. Even before the Iraq war raised animosity toward him to fever pitch, the perceived stupidity, ignorance, and arrogance of the "Texan cowboy" had gone down badly across the Atlantic. His evangelical Christian beliefs do not sit well with mostly secular Europeans. His […]

Posted 10 Nov 2004 in Published articles
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Last month, when World Trade Organization (WTO) talks in Cancún collapsed in acrimony, the United States responded with a brave face. Though the meeting was seen as the best chance to push forward the Doha round of trade negotiations, which aims to slash trade barriers and boost the global economy, America’s negotiators insisted the United […]

Posted 03 Nov 2003 in Published articles
By Philippe Legrain 3 COMMENTS

The bubble may have burst, but the hubris lives on. Despite Bush administration concerns, expressed at the G-8 summit of leading industrialized countries this week, that economic weakness is spreading throughout the globe, Americans still routinely boast that their economy beats the socks off the rest of the world. Japan? A write-off. Europe? A basket […]

Posted 16 Jun 2003 in Published articles