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By Philippe Legrain 2 COMMENTS

British troops are dying in Afghanistan because the government deems the Taliban such a terrible threat.

Yet those who flee the Taliban and the war are denied asylum in this country.

This is an outrage.

With the closure of the Jungle, a makeshift refugee camp in Calais, children as young as 3 are among the desperate people left to fend for themselves.

Scoundrels such as Andrew Green of MigrationWatch suggest they are gathered in Calais because Britain is seen as a 'soft touch'.

He also claims Britain is full up and cannot accommodate any more people.

Those were the arguments used by the Daily Mail to justify keeping out German Jews fleeing the Nazis in the 1930s.

If the government has any shred of humanity, it will give the young victims of the Taliban asylum in Britain.

Posted 27 Sep 2009 in Blog
  1. Dave Redick says:

    Phil: Fine to work on the side effects (Calais) but your first priority should be to stop the illegal, immoral war; then the side effects soon stop.

  2. Rocky Frisco says:

    I think nobody will deny that both justice and injustice are for sale in the USA and the UK. As long as this situation remains, nothing will improve.

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