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By Philippe Legrain 48 COMMENTS

Liam Byrne, Britain’s immigration minister, today announced a host of proposals for cracking down on immigrants working illegally. These are summarised by the BBC and the Guardian.

Several quick points.

Illegal immigrants make a huge contribution to Britain. They pick fruit; they clean dishes, hotels and hospitals; they build and do up houses; they look after children and old people. They are hard-working people, not vermin – and without them, Britain would grind to a halt.

Foreigners don’t come to Britain, or stay on and work, illegally because they are criminals, but because while there is a huge demand for foreign workers to do the dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs that British people no longer want to do, it is almost impossible for people from outside the EU to obtain a visa to come do such work legally.

There are reckoned to be anything from 500,000 to 1 million illegal immigrants in Britain. However stringently the government’s new proposals are enforced, it is completely unrealistic to pretend that all – or even a large proportion – of them are going to be deported. Not only because this would be prohibitively expensive financially, but because finding, arresting and expelling them would require turning Britain into a police state.

It would require an army of inspectors to perform ID checks on every street corner and in every workplace, and another brigade carting off the unlucky souls to the border. With families and communities torn apart, mass protests might erupt, and the legal system would seize up. Even then, some illegal migrants would remain: documents can be forged or stolen, people hidden, officials bribed.

Realistically, then, most illegal immigrants are here to stay, so the real choice is between leaving them living outside the law, or regularising their status and bringing them into the mainstream.

The government’s current approach achieves the worst of both worlds: it is not just costly and cruel, but also ineffective and counterproductive.

  • Costly for taxpayers, who will foot the bill for the 1,200 new Home Office inspectors proposed today.
  • Costly for employers, who will have to try to police their employees’ immigration status.
  • Costly for Britain, because it fosters the growth of a shadow economy where labour laws are broken and taxes go unpaid.
  • Cruel, because immigrants doing vital work are vilified and live in fear.
  • Ineffective, because employers are in no position to police immigration law, and because even the Home Office inspectors will only make a small dent in illegal immigration.
  • Counterproductive, because far from protecting society, outlawing immigration undemines law and order, just as Prohibition did more damage to America than drinking ever has.

Regularising illegal immigrants’ status would solve all these problems at a stoke. It would swell tax revenues, shrink the black economy, bring hard-working immigrants into mainstream life and bolster law and order.

Liam Byrne says:

An amnesty would be a disaster. It would be a green light for illegal migration to this country.

But the argument that regularisation would simply attract more illegal immigrants is missing the point. Whether or not immigrants’ status is regularised, people will keep coming to Britain so long as there are jobs that need doing at wages they find attractive.

The only way to slash future illegal immigration is to open up a route for the foreign workers that Britain needs to come legally instead.

Posted 15 May 2007 in Blog
  1. andrew says:

    “The only way to slash future illegal immigration is to open up a route for the foreign workers that Britain needs to come legally instead.”
    Well here’s another idea – round up and deport the illegals here, then stop all future migration in its tracks. We’re an island so it shouldn’t be hard, Japan does it pretty damn well. It’s what 60% of the British electorate want. People won’t ‘keep coming’ to Britain if employers who hire illegals are penalized severely, if passport control is rigorously enforced, and if all migrants are just deported on arrival at an airport. Problem solved.

  2. andrew says:

    Oh, and if we make it literally impossible to become a British citizen. That’s what Japan does, some Korean families who’ve been in Japan since the 20’s are not considered full citizens. If illegals know they can NEVER become a British citizen they’ll eventually go away, most Koreans did, and only stragglers hung around.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello there
    well they call us illigal immigrant ,I wonder where can we be legal immigrant ? if we left our counties it’s because we felt no right no justice for us,we were treated as illigal immigrant in our own countries.then we dicided to come here where we thought we could be treated fairly and just,so please support the amnesty so we will say justice is done ,and there is allways hope in this life.
    thank you.

  4. T says:

    The majority that are opposed to an amnesty know little more than what the sensationalist tabloids feed them and I think it is such a crying shame if the livelihoods of all us “illigal immigrants, flesh and blood like every other person, are determined by careless headline grabbing tabloids whose only care in the world is shifting as many copies as possible. Hundreds of thousands moved from eastern European countries last year alone but no one so much as flinched, but then talk about granting an amnesty to “illegal immigrants” and the outcry is deafening .So maybe those strongly opposed should ask themselves if it is the fact that most illegals are non-white that has got them in a panic .I claimed asylum in 2002 and I was interviewed by a girl who didn’t look a day over eighteen and I was subsequently denied the right to be here and I went through the appeals process to no avail. It became apparent that the whole process is designed to deny as many applicants as possible rather than to protect those seeking a safe haven. I was chucked out of the high rise flat I had been housed in and the £27 I used to get every Monday was withdrawn mid 2003 so I have been destitute since then to this very day .So whilst the Home Office accepts that it is unsafe to return people to my country, which is Zimbabwe by the way, it has hung me out to dry and won’t allow me to work so I can provide for myself,which beggars the question,just what am I supposed to do? The day peace descends on my country I’ll be the first on the plane but meanwhile all I, and undoubtedly all the people in my situation, need is to be able to lead a normal decent life ,work, pay taxes and plan a future for myself . All that keeps me going is hope but hey, who cares about the aspirations of “an illegal immigrant”. My life has been like one big black hole for the last five years and some days I feel like just volunteering myself for deportation and leave to fate what the Zimbabwean authorities do with me, and the psychological toll this has had on me can’t be described. Imagine if your own son or daughter had to endure all this . . .

  5. Vini says:

    What is the difference between an illegal and legal immigrant??? I am a failed asylum seeker from Europe and I have been working here for 7 years. I have got my national insurance no, and pay taxes like everyone else or maybe more. I been registred with police, fingerprints etc etc. So think, why does not this goverment give me the permition to stay and make me legal??? What legal immigrants got more? Justice and fairess has failed in this country cos you can see most terrorists are british citizen and on income support etc. This goverment should think better who to allow to stay and not to.

  6. Rahim Alam says:

    I am in u.k. I came on 180 days visit visa . very soon my visa will expired. I came with my wife and daughter. I want to stay another 180 days. What I have to do?

  7. Alfred says:

    Let’s make it literally impossible to become a British citizen. Then, when the immigrant becomes troublesome or commits a criminal offense there is a way left to kick him out of the country.

  8. Missy says:

    I am a hard working professional. I have been blessed enough to get a professional job. I left my country because of threats to my life because I witnessed a murder. I pay taxes and I am educated. I have made friends that are british citizens and they prefer to stay at home and live off benefits. The facts is that the majority of “illegal immigrants” work hard and they do the jobs that the citizens of this country refuse to do. The Home Offfice has made it almost impossible to obtain visas and work permits. So what are we to do? Especially commonwealth citizens. I am here to stay and I hope that by God’s grace I would go undetected until I reach the reqired years or the government open their eyes and see that the so called illegal immigrants built britian. Amen.

  9. mahmoud says:

    i am a hard working professional,i came to the uk on july 2002 ,i been refused assylum seeker,i tried the same year for an appeal, which has been refused as well , since then i worked for the last 5years up to date,payin taxes, collaboratin in some londonian activities, registered for any futur election,studied in hospitality management course, bein a radio dj for an english radio, i made a alot of foreign, european , african, brtitish friends , i earn the love and selfesteem of all of them and my emplyers at work,my landlord as well in whom i pay in advance every month,i have even an national insurance number, i pay taxes and my own mobile and landline bills, every month with no delays, i have witnesses, i know many of people and some terrorists and weird people who earned british passport and indefinite leave to remain,and us honest people and lyal to this country , waitin desperetaly for a miracle of any new laws releases about our regularisation within the british society , its really unfair , what happened to this country and the responsibles who responsible of making its laws and legislations..we need to be regularised as soon as possible…lets do it ,i wish good luck to all theses people who contributing massively to our cause.

  10. shaan says:

    almost all of the illegal immigrants are here to do work because most of them were faced fear from their countries to live or establish or perhaps they did not have much to survive in their own countries. I actually read a comment, someone was saying that if they granted an amnesty they will become a burden on welfare. I don’t think so because who are illigaly working here they cannot just survive on max 50-60 pounds per week on welfare benefits. They may willing to do full time proper jobs to get more income and trying to establish themselves. As we all know different types of taxes for each worker or citizen have to pay then why not we should take this advantage to give them a legal status and allow them to work legally and increase uk’s financial system.

  11. Lily says:

    Hi everybody,
    I’m a 25 year old professional teacher. Came to London 2 years ago to improve my English, met the love of my life and overstayed my visa. Why? Because my boyfriend was ‘illegal’, just as i am now, and knowing how hard it was to get my visa, i knew that it was a 50/50 chance for us to be together again had i gone back home, i just couldn’t risk it. He is a failed assylum seeker, has been here for almost 10 years now. A criminal, who has not commited any crime, waitnig any time to be punished for God knows what. He also is the most hardworking and decent guy i’ve ever known, and every day i respect and love him more. We dream of getting married and having children, we want to meet each over’s families – all we want is a normal and happy life together. We both work full time; he pays taxes, i don’t. We are a social couple with many friends, both ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’, they know about our circumstances and symathise us to the point when we’ve been offered ‘marriages of convinience’ by some of our british and european friends. I do believe that the majority of so called ‘illegal immigrants’ deserve to become sitizens, many of them have earned this right and can prove it. I’d like to say thank you to people who support the regularisation and i hope for the best.

  12. peace maker says:

    pls..give the illegal worker a chance to work here in the u.k were not a creminal we just wanted to earned support our family..we tried many times to get working visa but the immigration in our country is not fair we can’t asses our self,the other they submitt the false documents they granted a visa…but 3 times we tried to get working visa they turn as down…we completed the requirements..we have employer in th uk welling to send as work permit..but we still don”t have the luck…pls..were just a human….don’t treat the illegal worker’s as a criminal…god bless everybody..

  13. AB says:

    I came to London 3years ago for visit here and over stay here for my family support. When my visa expires I don’t know how to increase visa with work permit. I afraid that’s time because nobody here for support me that’s cause now I am illegal worker. I want to tell just please give the illegal worker a chance to work here legally were not a criminal we just wanted to earned money. To support our family & stay here legally.

  14. hamza says:

    heyy every one.. im 24 years and i v been in england for 3 years and 7 months, i loved this contry i love it and i ll love it for the rest of my life.. im elligal here my visa expired 3 years ago.. i came here to do my life i like workin ;; and plaing football..i like how this country works .. just wana ask if any possibility to get work permit please.. i will be the happiest man if you answer my question .. thank s by

  15. hamza says:

    if u saying everybody must vote . so please give a chance to the illegal people to vote ..and have the right to vote

  16. britza says:

    you want to give illegal immigrants a chance. they all work here, pay your wages nearly two thirds of london is illegal. the only reason they are illegal is because they dont have a chance to renew their visa or have lost it. the law is very racist towards them. half of these people are good. they only want a better life. without these illegal immigrants the uk would be nothing. it will cost you more to send them back to their countries so you may as well help them because a lot of them arent doing nothing wrong

  17. britza says:

    most illegal immirants here also have families. it would be very wrong for you to send them back as you are so racist towards them

  18. Fredi says:

    Hi ! I am an illegal immigrant too .Fist I came here was 14 Feb 2000,I had 2 year permit to stay in UK.After that I was waiting for an answer.But I moved the house with my girlfriend and one of my mate came to hide himself from immigration and they found it out so they came and tooked me as well without explanantion an answers, They deported us,and in 2 weeks I was back here.Started work with the same papers and National I No . Round 2004 I had enough to wait and live uder fear and decided to live Uk to Emigrate to Canada but the securty stoped me and didnt let me to go.Then I gone back to work for a few months.But the same thing with fear and not free to tell who I am go to visit my family wich I lost my mother and I didn’t had a choice to live the Uk for the second time.I GOT MYSELF TO THE POLICE AND IMMIGRATION SEND ME BACK WITH THEY PLEASURE.As I couldn’t do nothing in my country I decided to come back to UK after 6 months which I work as a suprvisor in Food Factory. What I mean is that if the British Goverment live me to remain it would cut all the cost they sent me back twice and acomadattion for 2 years I had,solicitors,immigration paper work etc.This are all costs, money wasting of the British tax payers plus myself wich I pay taxes and bills etc.
    All I need a Work Permit or the right to go and see my family and be free of fear and sleep without nasty dreams.I have friends partner here but I can’t tell them the truth that I am an illegal immigrant and they never would think I am one of them. I agree all criminals must booted out as soon they find them but one like me and the rest wich we contribute for this country should be done some thing.We are humans as everybody else. Thanks

  19. naasir says:

    hi i com to uk 2005 i was on visit visa for 6month then i went to a school to learn and the school take my passport and fees to send to home office to get student visa then after 1month the school told me that home office refuse me to get student visa then i dont know what to do` i didnt hav support i go to meet some solicitor they asking me money i didnt hav that. that why since today i dont know if am illegal or not . i love this contry an i work hard for my family am poor back home i dont no how long i will not see my family i need help i just want to get visa to be proper legal but how to do that and i dont hav anyone to guide me for these things ,.there is many people same like me please do somethings GOOD FOR US HOME OFFICE THANK YOU

  20. Annalisa says:

    I do not know why it is such a bad thing to want to have the ability to chose where I want to live. I migrated from a small country, that lacked jobs for people my age. That is unless I had ‘connections’. Fact is, my parents did not save up the money I needed to come to University here in the UK. I still weep when I come across my acceptance letter. I wanted a better life. I could have gone to the US, where I have blood relatives, who I am sure would have taken good care of me. But after a year of saving and working like a dog, I made up my mind that I wanted to live in Britain. My country is commonwealth and with such strong ties to Britain, I guess I just wanted to be around such beauty and history and culture. I could try to claim ancestry, but my father has no documents to prove anything, except maybe his blood. That is what happens when some people have lived in poverty. They can’t keep track of everything. I decided to come to Britain filled with dreams of visiting Stonehenge, haunted houses and snow. I came here because I have a passion for it. since I have been here, everyday I marvel at the beauty, at the people and the culture. I have made so many friends. I want to stay, there are still places to visit, people to chat with. But to do that I cannot keep depending on my boyfriends support. I need a job, that I can hold without fear of persecution. Every year European and UK born citizens migrate to the beautiful tropical island I came from. And they are accepted by our governments. Why is it so hard to become a UK citizen??? I am not here to steal, terrorize or murder. I do want to help my mom and dad. I can support them much better from here than in my own country. There are so many opportunities here. The only reason that there are such tight laws on immigration is because of the few illegals who have done wrong. Yes, sad to say, I know some illegals I know got there citizenship because they by dodgy methods. They boast about it. While here I am, praying, working hard everyday to survive, thanking God everytime I get to do one of the many frivolous things I came here to do, like walking along the Thames in Windsor. To all the people who work in immigration control, Give some of us a chance. Not all of us are criminals.

  21. Fugitive says:

    Hi, I am an illegals immigrants from Malaysia. My Visa expired 3 years ago. In the first place, I left my country leaving behind my two beautiful daughters, my family. I was harrassed by my ex-hubby when we got divorced. He went to my office and followed me and tailing my car to and from work and shouting vulgar words at me in the middle of the street. I was and in and out of the Malaysia Police Station every single days but not as a criminal, I was there to make report on my ex-hubby harrassing me. As advised by my lawyer, I managed to get a Restriction Order against him from getting near me. But a person as stuborn as he is, he ignored the Order and continued with his harrassment. I was living in fear and was near mental breakdown. So, finally, I decided to leave my country and went to Australia, but was caught by immigration and was deported. And again, I left my country and came here instead, as life for me in Malaysia is totally unbearable. Mentally, he was torturing me and drive me to madness. When I was in Malaysia for few months, I wasn’t dared to contact my daughters as am afraid that he might know that I was back in Malaysia.
    I am now in my fourth years here and have been working for my present employer for the past three years in his restaurant. Just to inform the British Government that I am a responsible, hardworking and trustworthy person who is just seeking a peaceful place/country to live. I am not a criminal but just a normal person on earth who wants to lead a normal live. Many of you legal British Citizen just can’t be bothered working long works and on weekend, but we illegals do. We don’t mind working day or night, weekdays or weekends. I do know many British Citizen that commented that they don’t like to work long hours and on weekends, why bothered, when you can get support from the government.
    Please give people like me a chance to live here legally. If I am granted Visa to stay, I don’t mind if the Government were to stop given benefits whatsoever as I am not here to steal the tax payers money. If people like me are given proper legal work permit to work, I would also pay my tax as a British and UK won’t be losing out. I do know Asylum Status were given out to people who applied but were actual fact leading a good life in their country. And also Approved Asylum given births to babies and babies just to claim support. So, why not you British Government do a more proper checks and give people like me who have a proper job a legal visa to work or legalise as a Permanent Resident so that I can set up a proper home and get my two beautiful daughters to live here with me. This way too, money won’t be taken out of your Country, and you get excellent hardworking people that do the jobs that Borned British can’t be bothered to take up.

  22. eric says:

    im a chinese malaysian came into uk 5 years ago,i can speak and write simple english.chinese in malaysia live as 3rd grade citizen before malay and other natives,we don’t get the same benefit’s as they get they even limit the numbers of none natives to study in local university,all sorts of finacial and goverment projects goes mostly to natives that often at the end needs the chinese to run for it.i just want to work and earn money for my own sake,me and other comrades been working hard here for years most of them clear their pockets by gambling 9/10 of them in casinos,bookies…you name it,it’s clearly we didn’t even use any uk benefits such as NHS at least,even though we don’t pay taxes like i said all the money goes back into this what my fellow malaysian in the previous blog said we(as for MALAYSIAN CHINESE) DO NO HARM.since UK government put so much afford in catching us and the employer?why not simply grant us a temporaly work permit?5 years?3years??or 1 year????surelly every malaysian be queing up at the home office paying for the permit!i bealive we can prove we can pay tax as well!at least i know the money i paid out is benefiting us ALL(white,black,yellownetc) and not THE NATIVES ONLY.Assylum seekers in this country most of them are BOGUS,compare to so call illegal worker they do much more damage on uk benefit and public welfare(at least you don’t see chinese banners outside “NO.10” from my point of view.NATIONAL problem like gang culture,murder,phidophile,drug trafficking etc that’s on the front page of SUNS…DAILY MIRROR….etc almost on daily bases,TO MR JOHN REID,hopefully you get my idea good luck with your political days to come!

  23. Mrs. Digweed,J says:

    sign out UK to EU,gang culture,benefit leeching citizens,phidophiles,human trafficking,drug trafficking,people dying unnaturally(been stab,punch and kick to death,,MRSA,TERRORIST,…ETC} all this happen to this country,MR GORDON BROWN put illegal immigrant crackdown as answer to all of this?all of you LABOUR MP’S I VOTED FOR YOUR PARTY FOR YEARS!YOU ALL HAVE LET ME DOWN!what the hell of all of you been doing for the past ten years?!I can’t even have a good cat nap in my garden for not fearing that a murderer standing outside knocking my door or some youth outside my fence swear at me if i ask for peace and quiet.Is this what our taxes gone to?breeding evil gangs of youth??!!murderers!!i hope you all responsible for todays UK choke to death having your porridge!!

  24. Simon says:

    What is wrong with the Home Office????They got no idea what they are doing to the public at all,do you really want to closed down all those restaurants and take aways in england!We people are just trying to work and lead a simple life here……… this to much to ask for?I have been working here for the past six years as an illegal worker and i have work seven days a week for the past six years.I have try applying for a working visa as a chef here but to the british embassy in malaysia will only approved one person over a hundred applicants.The best way for the Home Office is very simple if you really want to clear out the illegal workers here in england all you have to do is go to all the chinese,indian take aways as well as the reastaurants.This way you could at least wipe out 50% of the illegal workers in U.K. but do you guys actually want to do it………………..and let those terrorists that you pay to live in your own back yard.Best of luck to the Home Office cause they have no clue what they are doing to this country.

  25. human says:

    will HO looking for this ….
    do their really care on this …

  26. BE BLESSED says:


  27. BE BLESSED says:

    here is another on
    i have a business so i made a stamp
    a cool stamp of multicolors.
    i had extra space so i decided to put GOD BLESS
    i sent off an agreement to a company and about 5 min after the fax was sent i got a call
    when i answer and i heard the guy say hewas calling from the same company i thoght he was calling to sayhe had recieved the agreement.
    he said he did but he also said he had a problem with it
    which was what my stamp had on it
    he said i was religiously prejudice.
    how dare him
    any how he said that if i wanted to do business with them i had to take that off
    what i had to be mad
    i am proud to be a christian and as far as i am concerned england is a free country and the stamp didnt say trun into a christian.
    so mr mustapha said he wont do business.
    well i got mad and i got angry
    i said it is ok for you all to put halal on all your doucumnets and the little 786 sign in a circle at the bottom of every one of your page but my stamp is affecting you
    forget you i dont need your company.
    i believe that where one door close another will open
    i got another company with a better bigger deal
    halal that mustapha

  28. tendi says:

    we are seeking asslyum in this country,since 2005 no reply was given . what is better giving us benefits me and my husdand we are getting £60,00 a week we are not disabled we want to work for our selfs and pay bills and tax.we are not animals in this silent torture.lf yu look at the percentage of mentally disturbed people mostly are foreigners because they are being tortured psycologically.give us a chance allow us to work.

  29. Vik says:

    Hello Everybody,
    I just want to know how can I report some illegal workers working in Uk. Bec I feel that is not right they live and work in UK illegaly and than commite crimes as well .

  30. catherine says:

    Hi Iam 35years old woman, came to this country more than 9years ago seeked asylum and refused but after all this long they want to send me back home i have a kid with a resident but separated. I can’t work, no gorvement support and mentally ill. Britain is gonna be full mad people because of the mental effects it cause to someone to stay in a foriegn country for many years illigaly with children. for sure the crime rate will go high in both adults and children. so please think twice and legalise the system let people live like human beings we only live once. thx

  31. catherine says:

    Hi Iam 35years old woman, came to this country more than 9years ago seeked asylum and refused but after all this long they want to send me back home i have a kid with a resident but separated. I can’t work, no gorvement support and mentally ill. Britain is gonna be full mad people because of the mental effects it cause to someone to stay in a foriegn country for many years illigaly with children. for sure the crime rate will go high in both adults and children. so please think twice and legalise the system let people live like human beings we only live once. thx

  32. catherine says:

    Hi Iam 35years old woman, came to this country more than 9years ago seeked asylum and refused but after all this long they want to send me back home i have a kid with a resident but separated. I can’t work, no gorvement support and mentally ill. Britain is gonna be full mad people because of the mental effects it cause to someone to stay in a foriegn country for many years illigaly with children. for sure the crime rate will go high in both adults and children. so please think twice and legalise the system let people live like human beings we only live once. thx

  33. Martin says:

    I don’t understand why the U.K government should be chasing about hardworking immigrants who have not committed any crime since coming to the U.K and have been contributing to the growth of the British economy. I think the best thing is to allow “illegal” Workers who have clean records to continue to work.

  34. Marie says:

    I came in this country as student to prepare my future life and go back home . But one year later, a dirty war who has destroy my parents had began back home. I lost my financial keen and my life and dream has become nightmare.From 2001 I was legal student, I become overstayer in 2007 because Home office has block my document because I’ve no more finacial and my fight to renew my visa with the no recourse to public found has become wast.With no passport I could not help myself as I didn’t hide nothing to HO.I’ve being honest but they don’t care of people suffring.It is fair that ON HUMAN BEING?
    People became illegal by obligation most of time.
    No one hate his or her own country, but I think view my hard circunstancies and experience in UK, British people are not hospitalier.
    They always talk about migrants people in they country but never talk about British citizen who have left they own country to live abroad freely everywhere.
    In Zimbawe white people are taking black land to black people where the kids should go one day if British government deport them and they are still domestic in their own land, where are they staying then ?
    I hope God Bless those who support us to be granded as legal migrants.Especialy Mr BORIS and all of them in parliemant
    No one can’t destroy the country who give you hospitality to realise your dream.
    I don’t think that people who think like this have fear for God.
    Do not take all illegal migrants as illetrete just give us an opportunity to see what we could bring to UK.
    Most of us don’t drink, or smoke, or drug at all, but all dirty accusation are putting on us because we’re not British.
    What we dont do in our country we cannot do in freign country where no one could defense us.We have no defense in UK
    We don’t like being in prison because none of our family is here to visit us in prison.
    We know how it hard to be here already so we avoid wast life.
    Just approach us to learn more about how we’re educated in our country if we’re bad or not.
    I’M 36 years old, but I’ve never seen drug in my life before when I was back home no in school, no at my work place, and this is my 7 th year in UK , because my country’s law ban drug using ( and alcol under 25 yrs ) and when some one is face to drug use, he or she goes to prison for minimun 5 years before being judge.
    But when I arrive in UK, I used to see people smorking drug on street.I was scare before in the begining.
    One day I asked my English teacher why people smoke drug on street and police don’t catch them. He said, drug consuming is tolerate but drug transportation or sale is ban.
    In my home country, all drug using is a serious crime and it severely punish.
    No kid is under alcol addiction, there is no way whatever your parents’ poverty, no alcol for teen nerver and we have 0.75% of teen pregnancy because school is a big competition, high education is the matter. All live with their parents to learn more by parents side.
    Also our education is very strict as no kid could stop study under the age of 25-27 minimum because every one wanted to be hyper intelletuel. Being intellectuel in a great competition that why we travel to come to Briton or any developpe country. If you’re not intellectual, you’re not allow to the intellectual speach or talk, you’re in shadow as illegal people are living in shadow in UK.Our idea it’s not first to emigrate for ever in UK but some circountancies make us immigrant because we wanted at all price be graduated.
    Please be a little respect for migrants people we’re all the same persons and Indian people are not only immigrants in your country to give to them big chance than us some come from Africa, China etc..
    Personnaly, I hope Great Briton give us right to stay here because I’d live to work whith my area MP to try to bring communaute together and maybe try to provide some excusion ( travel time ) out of UK to show to British how we work in our community.

  35. Human Rights says:

    As posted by Vik, please be reminded that NOT all illegals commit crimes. Bear in mind that crimes are committed by illegals as well as British Citizen, asylum, visitors etc. Most illegals are here to earn a living and are hard working people who have sufferred in their own countries and truly understand the meaning of hardship. Many work hard in a foreign countries to support their families back home. Illegals are also human beings given a life to live by God the Creator. So why not treat all human beings the same and NOT being harsh on illegals who work here.

  36. s moyo says:

    i dont understand this system all i want to do is work for my tho todlers and go to school i dont even want gvt funding iam prerared to work hardand look after my self and kids and pay something back to this econommy ,but i am not wanted those wanted are the ones that come into this country and claim benefits and they just sit on their back sides then these people are given papersthey are even given council houses.but if the gvt woulld let anyone who comes in to the uk, work and give thebenefits to their own people then that wuold solve the problem and deport the lazy ones and criminals

  37. mike says:

    I came to UK in 2005 with a 9months student visa and with that short time i finished my diploma and was denied a visa. What then do you expect? I made alot of friends and thank God internet made everything easy that an illegal like me could survive. When jobs became hard for me because of Home Office, i decided to use Ebay to earn a living when Ebay raised their fees i switched to gumtree, when everyone came to know gumtree, i then…So all i have to say is that Home Office have only little power to get things done and i believe atleast all illegal people in UK are holy. I will keep on rocking my boat until when i say its over.

  38. JK says:

    Hi budy donnot worry a new rule is soon coming and immigration is going to be open soon so stay with patience and work hard and soon you will get citizenship of Uk take care bye bye

  39. Avalon Adam says:

    This is a very interesting subject and one that gets muddied between the extreme views of teh left and right. I accept that there is a lot of illeagal workers in teh UK and they do the jobs tha non British nationals do and they do it well. However what I feel angers most people is when illegal overstayers use and abuse our NHS and Social Services. Before anyone says they can’t do tha without registaring well I ask you to consider the thousands of african women who come here pregnant to have there babies on the NHS. Also many Illegal overstayers claim asylum only when they are caught after several months of being here.
    I applaud any non permit worker who works hard and abides by our laws, when many (so called) British citizens spong off the JSA Sick benefit and commit crimes. My anger is reserved for thoise granted British Citizenship (by way of Asylum or marriage ) and then go on to rob, deal drugs ,act violently etc. I’m a former Prison Officer who can say the majority of prisoners are non UK born or come from parents who were granted UK residency. We should be stripping the residency right of any criminal and deporting them instead of persuing the Ukraine or Chinese worker who works here and keeps to our laws.
    A message to all you who have banged on about God in teh quotes above, Great Britain is a secular country , so please keep your personal beliefs to yourself.

  40. wim says:

    I have visit visa for UK and I want to work for six months instead of visiting the country and after that plan to go back.Whether I would be able to find illegal work, what should I do to find illegal work and to whom contact. I fear that some one may complain instead of helping me.

  41. sid says:

    My regards to all of you out there.I’m a illegal immigrant and I’ve been living in UK for 5 years and since I’ve noticed all this so called crackdown in “illegal immigration” getting bigger and even more dramatic,stop and search powers and a right wing policy are targeting us as enemies of this country.
    I do work and pay all my tax plus transport and bills,honestly I’m not a cancer or some sort of foregn disease into the british society,I rather work hard and proudly in this country as someone with a sense of dignity than move back home and find myself stranded and frustreted,Why?Cos I don’t give a down about what the NEWS OF THE WORLD and THE SUN says!We are heavy working people,men and woman seeking for a better life.Does fight for my dignity makes me a criminal?Should I really bother about what they say?
    Out there,the Prime Minister and the rules of this country.
    Down here all these faceless people waiting for AMNESTY.Shall i surrender?Shall I regreat?Not at all !We’ve the right to remain cos We’ve worked hard for that.

  42. some one special says:

    Hello everyone
    we are just hurman we dont hurm any1 ..we are just trying to live life just life everyone else…some of us grow up the hard way but we are just here to life a better life

  43. AADI says:

    my name is aadi i am citizen of eu.i am here in ireland for last five years and work as accountant in a accountancy firm i am a muslim and i am basically from pakistan.u kwon what i dont want to be a eu citizen but when my irish friends told me that i deserve that bcoz i work full time here and pay full tax,follow rules,respect people and i dont have any criminal record here in five years even not a complain from my employer so that why my friends told me u are a true irish bcoz they have sick calls,lam excuses,just drinking ,smoking means not interested in their work they said that they are irish we are not made for work we are only here to enjoy our life and according to them we(outsiders)are for work and may be dont believe me one of my friend said to me that it just us(outsiders)who run the country and their needs means here alot of outsiders who works in diffirent companies and have their own business even they are nationals of ireland besides that they pay taxs may be they do that due to police or may be they think that they get bad reputition what ever but they do but a irish what he do he abuses the police no respect for any body they do crimes even they didnt fear from police i didnt mean to say that all are bad i know that five fingers are not equal but atleast we do nothing wrong and its good for uk government if they gave a chance to all illegal workers to take a part in uk development i think they are too far too their destiny and its good for 2011 olympics as well and if say something wrong plz forgive me.
    ,,,,,,, BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS ,,,,,,,

  44. cliff says:

    MR HOME OFFICER SORT THIS MERCY UP LET THEM GET THAT PASSPORT AND WORK “WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL HERE” 2moro u ll die and liv this britain u ur so called proud of.Shame look at HITLER was very proud of himself playing a GOD he thoughht he was living 4 ever,nah nah nah giv them a chance, BRITAIN NEEDS THESE PEOPLE.

  45. Avalon Adam says:

    Can I ask people posting to try and make some sense, especially the previous post by ‘cliff’. I’m not asking for correct spelling and grammer (mine’s pretty awful) but I can’t understand the ramblings of posts like cliff’s.
    I’m an Immigration Officer and I must say I have never found an asylum seeker who was genuine, yes NEVER. Some of my colleagues have but they are people who presented themselves straight away to the Border Control and claimed asylum, not someone who cliamed it after being discovered in the back of a truck or having worked here illegally for 6 months. Genuine asylum seekers are people who are going to be killed, harmed recieve harrassment due to there religious beliefs , NON VIOLENT political beliefs or sexual orientation. THis does not include economic migrants which are feeling countries with awful economic conditions.
    Sure, if I was living in povety and saw the chance of a better life I too would do the illeagal work thing. But countries have laws and laws must be obayed. I’d love to live and work in australia but there law says I can’t so I have to obey that . We have many usless work shy British people here and they must be forced into work. because they are so lazy and stupid, manual work is all they can do which unfortunatly is the work tha illegals are currently doing. I’d love to be able to offer one of these jobs to an illegal and make them legal but unfortunatly my tax money would still have to pay the JSA for lazy Brits. Therefore its better that the lazy Bit is forceed back to work.
    We are heading towards the biggest recession most of us are heading for in our life times, our schools NHS, Benefits systems and housing are at breaking point.
    My message is not delivered with tabloid filled hate to anyone but I’m just saying , Britain is full to the bursting point. Our government should be ensuring thta other countries have good economic conditions so hard working people don’t leave but stay to benefit there own countries.

  46. Barry says:

    This country has no immigration problem but a race problem. We are Africans, poors, in danger of our own governments, historically slaved and colonised. Compare to other races around the world we even lost our believes. We went to war for you and forced to make your language our official languages, accepted your ideology. religions etc….
    Eastern Europe said no to all that and now we are called illegals? you want us out? Your old enemies are your new friends? we are just a drop in the ocean?
    No No No…our ancestors, grand parents and parents accepted all this injustice but we will not let you do it again.
    If you can accept almost a million Polish in this country to enjoy what we have built with you , then think again.
    We should not ask you to let us be free and enjoy the same right as all it should be Britain to ask us to stay and moraly clean the shame you created.
    The Mayor of London is a real man with a clean heart because he talks about this but the rest are just worried about how much to claim from Taxpayers.
    People are asked to report at police stations all over the country just like cows in the farm. This is the ugliest and rude form of segregation and racism in this modern world. Fix it.
    The press is more concerned about Jordan divorce than people being refused the right to be.
    No need to critisise countries like Iran, North Corea , china etc….we live worst because it is done underground by The UK.
    Peace and Love to all of you in this situation and to all of the Brits that share our misery.

  47. Dan says:

    illegal workers…how does one know that you will not get involved with illegal activities..You have already broken the law. You see you need to respect the system, especially when it is not you own country’s system.You can not do this ..sorry.
    You should on your own leave this country and then try again from your countries…if you succeed then welldone. if not then please move on and do something else in your own countries. Live with self- esteem. You def. are not living with self esteem if you are ilegal immigrants. Fullstop. wake up for your souls please guys. Dont batter your respect for some silly quid.Wake up.

  48. Omar says:

    Illegal immigrants make a huge contribution to any country. Besides We are the cheapest worker any country can use. Ironically, it does not matter the country because at the end of every day is the illegal immigrant who are abused and exploited anyway.
    I am an illegal person, I worked in several warehouses. Damn, Ten years passed away quickly. Most of us (illegal people) work through an employment agency , in New Jersey (USA), and as always we do the hardest or the most tedious work. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman or a very old person. I am 32 years old I work in anything, but back in my country I am already considered very old to get a job.
    I met illegal people who had two jobs because they want to send enough money to their families who need it. Maybe people who had read this would say “Hey, those illegal people take away the oportunity to work to american citizens”, just in case we do the work normal people in their right mind will not accept in their lifetime.
    For example when it is summer and it is really hot, the temperature is 95 degrees and other times more than a hundred, my coworker and I are inside a truck unloading a huge truck with thousands of boxes with our bare hands, all day long and we have no an electric fan, anyway it won`t help us too much. To be inside a truck is like to be inside a microwave, at the end of the day we are tired and soaked in sweat, and to do this every day really sucks. Because we have no legal documents we cannot acquire a better job.
    When the Employment Agency give me my paycheck every Friday, I don`t know if I have to cry or to laugh, because what they pay me is a joke, they pay the minimun wage. I see so many discounts in my paycheck like federal taxes, state and local taxes; among them I see the state unemployment tax, but I will not be able to use it because I am illegal citizen.
    When we work overtime the Employment Agency pay us like regular hours, they never pay us like overtime hours, I don`t know too much about american laws but I think they are breaking the law.
    I know that there are a lot of people who are against illegal people, Americans from United States do not remember that their country was formed by immigrant people.
    United States Laws are against Immigrant illegal people but it is contradictory that they allow us to do our taxes. I do my taxes, I am a TAXPAYER. USA make lots of money off us as we sweat all day. I collaborate with the economy of this country but I feel that there is not retribution.

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