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By Philippe Legrain 1 COMMENT

The British government argues that the country needs to try to become more self-sufficient in food. I debated the issue with Peter Kendall, the head of the National Farmers Union, on BBC Newsnight.

Posted 11 Aug 2009 in Blog, Media
  1. John Doe says:

    Densely populated therefore we shouldn’t produce food domestically, but not densely populated enough to leave in place immigration controls.
    IE, what you said on Radio 4 last night contradicts your stance in this debate. Which way round do you want it?
    I particularly enjoyed your wet climbdown when the the scent of lawyers entered the studio, after your unwarranted attack on the other chap.
    I despair of the department where I gained my MSc, if the EI now recruits inconsistent individuals such as yourself onto their staff.
    Also, rewatch this video yourself. Why are you smirking throughout? From a viewers perspective I formed immediate judgments regarding your smugness and how seriously you were taking the discussion.

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