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By Philippe Legrain 3 COMMENTS

I’m thrilled to say that Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them has been shortlisted for the Financial Times Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award.

Click here for the official announcement, along with audio clips from Rachel Lomax and Jeffrey Garten on why they liked the book.

Posted 25 Sep 2007 in Blog
  1. stuart says:

    that’s great news!
    good luck, and keep us posted.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    well deserved – it’s a great book!

  3. Joseph K says:

    It is a good book – I quote from it quite a lot. However, because Phillipe loves capitalism he will never be able to understand that capitalism depends on immigrants being used as scapegoats for it’s survival. Malcolm X made this point succinctly: ‘You Can’t Have Capitalism Without Racism’.
    Here’s a good site for you to look at.

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