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By Philippe Legrain 1 COMMENT

I was in Stockholm earlier this week speaking at a conference organised by Sweden's Globalisation Council, making the case for open borders in front of an audience including the country's immigration minister, the head of its trade-union federation and the deputy head of its employers federation.

I have also written a paper for the Council on how free migration is compatible with a European-style welfare state. A brilliant young journalist (he's 29, I'm 34, so he makes me feel old) called Peter Wolodarski wrote a leader for Dagens Nyheter about it. Read it here

Posted 20 Feb 2008 in Blog
  1. Emma Terander says:

    I had the great fortune of being able to hear your speech at the Globalisation Council on Tuesday, and found your ideas and views very interesting. My hope is that it gave Tobias Billström (our immigration minister) food for thought, and eventually lead to more open borders, thus helping us solve the problem of shortage of labour that we now battle with, certainly at least in my field of work – forestry and agriculture.
    Thank you very much for an excellent presentation, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I believe you’ve just sold another copy of your book (Immigrants – your country needs them)!
    Oh, and this morning I read another article ( I have of course read the, as you say – excellent, Peter Wolodarski’s article on Wednesday) as a result of it, but this time in the trade-union’s own paper; LO-tidningen.

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