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By Philippe Legrain 2 COMMENTS

Phil Woolas, Britain’s new immigration minister, is already making his mark. He told The Times that:

This Government isn’t going to allow the population to
go up to 70 million. There has to be a balance between the number of people
coming in and the number of people leaving.

It would appear that Woolas has single-handedly aligned government policy with the xenophobic claptrap peddled by the Balanced Migration alliance of Frank Field and Migrationwatch, outflanking the Tories’ call for an annual cap on immigration. This is not only harmful, it is unworkable.

Woolas also appears to believe in the lump of labour fallacy: that there are a fixed jobs to go round. Thus he reasons that immigrants are taking British workers’ jobs:

Britain has to get
working again. The easiest thing for an employer to do is to employ an
immigrant. We need to help them to change that.. .We need a tougher immigration policy and we need to stop seeing it
as a dilemma. It’s not. It’s easy. I’m going to do my best to help the
British back to work.

Scapegoating immigrants for the rise in unemployment caused by the global financial crisis is despicable. Even a numbskull should realise that at at time when Poles are deserting Britain in droves, immigration is not driving unemployment up.

Of course, Woolas protests that he is not a racist. He takes refuge behind the old canard that he must pander to xenophobic prejudice in order to defuse racial tensions. The MP for Oldham East is proud that there are no BNP councillors in his constituency. His strategy for defeating them: echoing what they say. It’s shameful.


Posted 21 Oct 2008 in Blog
  1. Ed says:

    “…it would appear that Woolas has single-handedly aligned government policy with the xenophobic claptrap.”
    And what are you saying Phillippe – let anyone from anywhere in the world come and live here? Britain would have a population of 250 million within a few decades. Don’t be so idiotic. There has to be a limit.
    Labelling those concerned about overpopulation “racists” and “xenophobes” is truly shameful.

  2. John Bull says:

    If you actually knew anything about the most basic, elementary economics, Mr. Legrain, then you would understand that unless the immigrants had a higher per capita productivity than native workers, then adding new immigrants to the workforce would add zero per capita extra wealth to the economy – it is this extra wealth from which new employment arises, otherwise a man for man peplacemen simply occurs.
    You really are a stupid and contemptible ARSE.

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